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Improvements to the Parallel Guide System

Improvements to the Parallel Guide System

I'd like to share with you an improvement we recently made to our Parallel Guide System.


Previously our Parallel Guide System included two "Narrow Stock Adapters"  that had to be adjusted from the bottom side of the Incra T-Track. 

Recently we made a change to this system so now the Narrow Stock Adapters interlock with the Rail Stops and can be adjusted from the top side of the Incra T-Track using the same locking knob that holds the Rail Stop in place.





The Narrow Stock Adapters extend under the Festool Guide Rail to provide a stop for cutting narrow material. They interlock with the Rail Stops in two different positions for two different offsets: one creates a 10" offset and the other a 200mm offset. This way if you have set your Incra scales to direct-read, whether you use imperial or metric scales,  all it takes is a little easy math to make the shot stock adapters direct read without having to measure from the bottom.




For example, if you use imperial Incra scales install the Narrow Stock Adapters using the 10" position.  Then to make a 3" cut, position the Rail Stops so they align with the 13" reading on your Incra scale.



The improved Parallel Guide system is now available in our store.


We are now offering three configurations: 

-The complete set (Rail Bracket Adapters, Rail Stops, and Narrow Stock Adapters)

-A set of Guide Rail Brackets and Rail Stops for cutting large stock (Rail Bracket Adapters and Rail Stops - useful if you don't need to make narrow cuts)

-The Narrow Stock Adapters by themselves.    These will work with both the new and old styles of Parallel Guide System

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