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  • Seneca History: The Present (10 Year Story Pt.4)

    Seneca History: The Present  (10 Year Story Pt.4)

    Happy Anniversary…to us!

    We’ve been in business for a Decade!  February 17, 2012 is when we opened our eCommerce store doors for the first time, and what an exciting day it was. Seneca Woodworking wasn’t the first business I’d started but it was the first eCommerce store I’d ever run and my first business that was more serious than a side hustle that only made extra “beer money”.  To celebrate we’re kicking off our Founder’s Day sale!  Starting today and running through the weekend. (Details in our email) 

    Products packed to ship...

    The sale is a great deal, but as I write this email, it’s not even what I’m the most excited about…

    I know our marketing agency...

  • Seneca History: The First Time Machining (10 Year Story pt.3)

    Seneca History: The First Time Machining (10 Year Story pt.3)

    So our new Haas CNC machining center had been delivered at the end of 2016, We got it wired in and by the beginning of 2017 it was ready to go..    All the tooling and workholding had been delivered, the CAM was programmed and it was finally time to give it a go.   It’s hard to overstate the amount of pressure that was riding on this moment.   Buying a CNC machining center was the biggest purchase that I had made up to this point in my adult life and the future of my business was at hand.  It was also potentially one of the most costly mistakes I could make.   If I had made a mistake in programming it...

  • Seneca History: Making the Business (10 Year Story pt.2)

    Seneca History: Making the Business (10 Year Story pt.2)

    If you missed yesterday’s email on the history of Seneca Woodworking, Click HERE to read it… 


    Around this time we did our first trade shows; Dad and I kicked things off by attending The Woodworking Shows Columbus, and Woodworking in America. Dad’s health made long days on the show floor difficult, so soon after my brother Kyle joined the company and was making the tradeshow rounds with me. By this time It was becoming clear that my apartment wouldn’t contain the business for much longer, so I began looking for commercial space.

    Clarion Pennsylvania is a small town of about 6000 people. The last manufacturing facility located in the boro was an Owens Illinois glass plant that...

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