Seneca Woodworking Bottle Opener No. 1

Anodize Color

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and The Seneca Woodworking Bottle Opener No. 1 is a perfect example of that rule. In the spring of 2017 after a long week in the shop, Ryan, the Seneca Woodworking founder, wanted to unwind with a cold one but couldn't find a bottle opener.  Returning to the shop, he designed this bottle opener and machined it so he could properly commemorate a job well done. Now the same bottle opener design is for sale so that you too can enjoy after-work celebratory beverages. 


This bottle opener was designed and CNC machined in our own shop right here in Pennsylvania using the same aircraft grade aluminum used in many of our products.    We often have "cutoffs" from the 12ft aluminum bars that we cut to make our parts.  Rather than send all of these cutoffs to the scrap yard, we upcycle some of them into other products like this bottle opener.    We've heard that it takes about 7 kilowatt-hours of electricity to recycle one pound of aluminum.  So take comfort in knowing that buying this bottle opener may help save the planet!

Available now in a variety of anodized colors. Measures 3” in length.

Orders of 1 or 2 bottle openers can ship at the discounted shipping rate of $1.95 via first class mail to the United States.    

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