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2023 Product Launches

2023 was a busy year for new tools here at Seneca Woodworking! We thought it would be a good idea to give a quick overview of all the tools we've released this year in case you missed the launch of any of these and want them for in your shop!  


45 Degree Dock Plate Stops: The Seneca Woodworking 45 Degree Dock Plate Stop works with our Dock Plate XL to make mortising 45 degree trim pieces a breeze! This stop is a fixed 45 degree angle and comes in a "right" and "left" version as part of a set. Stops can be used individually or together; To use together, two of the same "right" or "left" stop are needed to clamp both sides of the workpiece.


Mini Magnetic Square: The Seneca Woodworking Mini Magnetic Square is the second in a series of tools that raise the bar on what a precision woodworking square can be! Designed using principles similar to those used in aerospace engineering, this square is lightweight but strong, perfect for carrying in a pocket, apron or tool belt and capable of jobs small and large. This square comes with four embedded neodymium magnets that increase its versatility beyond that of other squares its size. These magnets can be used to keep the square handy...attached to your saw, toolbox, workbench, or even your refrigerator. They also can assist in tasks such as making sure your sawblade or table is set to 90 degrees. CNC machined in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized, this square is more durable than standard anodized squares and will last a lifetime! 


Seneca Bench Dogs: This year, we launched NINE new types of Bench Dogs and offered them in three kit options for a huge discount. For more information about our new Bench Dogs, please visit our Seneca Woodworking Bench Dogs page.


Domino Trim Plate: We're constantly asked to come up with a way to make removing Domino tenons from a project easier after a dry-fit. This Domino Trim Plate from DFM Toolworks does just that! It provides an easy way to trim your existing Dominos to a smaller width that will have a looser fit that allows easy removal after dry fitting. Just mount the Trim Plate in a vice, and tap your tenons through it to trim them the perfect amount for dry fitting. It covers domino sizes from 4mm up to 14mm.

This plate is precision machined and ground 3/8" thick A2 Tool Steel and hardened to 59 to 61 Rockwell C for long lasting edges. It can be placed in your vise or over a dog hole with a small bucket underneath to catch the dominos.

3/4" Clamp Dog: The Seneca Woodworking 3/4" Clamp Dog™ bench dog is a combination bench dog and clamp mounting plate designed for workbenches with 3/4" dog holes. The dog portion allows you to take advantage of the grid of holes in your bench to use as a backstop for clamping or planing or making cuts. The clamp mount portion of the Clamp Dog™ is pre-drilled with mounting holes that allow you to attach either a Kreg Automaxx Bench clamp, or a Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp for quick, accurate clamping of your workpiece.


Tenon Flush Trim Protectors: Both the Domino and Domino XL make through tenons easy to create but when it comes time to trim them flush, how do you do that quickly without damaging the surrounding work surface? We've finally created a solution to this problem: Tenon Flush Trim Protectors. 

Tenon Flush Trim Protectors are stainless steel plates, 0.020" thick that can be slipped over protruding domino tenons to protect the surrounding workpiece from damage while they are trimmed with a saw. This speeds up the process of creating through tenon joints, saving you time and money as well as making it easier to create a better final project.   

Tenon Flush Trim Protectors are available for Domino sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm.

Mortise Depth Spacer for Domino XL DF700: If you use our Small Mortise Kit on the Domino XL DF 700, you've probably noticed that the lowest setting on the Domino XL plunge depth gauge is 15mm. This can be a problem if you're making a mortise in the face of 1/2" or 5/8" nominal plywood, as the mortise will tear through the other side of the material if the Domino is plunged until it hits the stop. The Mortise Depth Spacers for the Domino XL solve this problem by limiting the depth to which the Domino XL can be plunged.   

This set of three spacers will limit the plunge depths of the standard length (5mm, 6mm, 8mm diameters)  to 5mm, 10mm, or 12mm depths. Just choose the spacer with the depth you need and snap it onto the Domino XL guide tube. The spacer will prevent the Domino from plunging any deeper than you want it to... making sure none of your mortises tear through the opposite side of the material and making your joinery come together even faster!


Battery Wall Mount and Workstation Battery Mount for Festool 18v Batteries: Rechargeable tools are great until they aren't; If you've got a dead power tool battery, then no work is getting done! For years we've been storing our spare batteries in Systainers, but that can be a hassle when the Systainer ends up at the bottom of a stack. Keeping batteries easily accessible where you need them is a great way to keep track of charged batteries, keep your shop organized, and prevent interruptions in your work. 

Our Battery Wall Mount attach almost anywhere with two wood screws and will hold all your Festool 18v batteries where you need them. They work in any orientation and are designed so that the batteries "click" into place and are released using the pushbuttons on the battery, so there's no worry about a battery falling off a holder, especially if you use them in a mobile setting. 

Our Workstation Battery Mount slides into the T-slot on the side of a Festool MFT table and allows you to store a spare Festool 18v battery, meaning a dead battery never has to take you away from your workstation again! 


0" Offset Domiplate XL: The Seneca Woodworking Domiplate XL™ is our best selling fence solution designed for the Festool Domino XL DF 700 mortising tool. With a fixed offset built into each side, it eliminates the possibility of error due to 'fence drift' and greatly speeds the setup of the Domino for mortising, saving you time and money from misaligned mortises. This version of the Domiplate XL is setup for 1/2" ply on one side, and has a 0" offset on the other side. If you have a workpiece that's too large or awkward to put on a bench for mortising, the 0" Offset Domiplate will allow you to still use the bottom of the Domino as reference and easily make mortises in workpieces that won't fit on your bench. 

Updated Parallel Guide Brackets: We've improved our Rail Bracket design to create a better fit between the Rail Brackets and T-Track. This new design improves rigidity of the system, reducing the chance of errors and improving accuracy! Two threaded holes on each side of the rail bracket allow the addition of set screws that will ensure your T-Track never moves out of place! 

Mortise Depth Spacer for Domino DF500: The Festool Domino DF 500 is a versatile tool, but occasionally we find that when joining thin stock, the mortise depth limit setting doesn't stop shallow enough. So we created our Mortise Depth Spacers for the Domino DF 500. This set of spacers will let you fine tune the mortise depth from 11mm down to 1mm  in 1mm increments, making sure that you can get a secure joint without worrying about your mortise blowing out the opposite side of your workpiece.

To use: Just choose the spacer with the depth you need and snap it onto the Domino guide tube. The spacer will prevent the Domino from plunging any deeper than you want it to... making sure none of your mortises tear through the opposite side of the material and making your joinery come together even faster!


Mortise Center Finders: With the Mortise Center Finders it's easy to find the center of mortises quickly without measuring. Just slip a tenon into the mortise then slip the center finder over the tenon. It's easy to then mark the current workpiece or an adjacent workpiece with the matching mortise center locations for quick mortising and easy joinery every time!

The set of Mortise Center Finders includes seven center finders for mortise sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm to cover all mortise/tenon sizes for the Festool Domino DF 500 and Domino XL DF 700. Also included is an organizer stand that holds all seven center finders. 


Foam Storage Inserts: Keep your Domiplates protected and organized with our Domiplate Foam Storage Insert! This insert fits any Sys 3 M Systainer and has place to store two Domiplates and multiple sets of Domiplate Offset Shims in their protective storage case. Also available for Domiplate XLs.


4 Inch Saddle T-Square: The Seneca Woodworking 4" Saddle T-Square is the latest in our line of precision woodworking layout and measuring tools. This 4" long T-Square simplifies laying out tenons, mortises, rabbets, hinge locations and other common layout tasks with a handful of innovative features. 

Our black anodizing and laser engraved scales on both edges gives a high contrast that makes reading the scales easy. Each scale is laser engraved over a chamfered edge, which makes measuring easy and reduces the possibility of parallax error. 1/32" graduations are perfect for precision woodworking. 

Saddle T-Squares come with dual sets of marking holes spaced towards opposite edges of the square. This means when using the holes to scribe lines to an edge or to an inside corner is easier as there's less clearance between the marking holes and the edge of the tool. These holes are spaced every 1/32" apart for precision marking and are 1mm in diameter; perfect for use with  0.7mm or 0.9mm mechanical pencils.  


Guide Rail Dog Hooks: Seneca Woodworking Guide Rail Dog Hooks are a set of attachments for the Festool guide rail that quickly and easily secure your guide rail to a pair of dogs on your MFT table. This ensures that your guide rail is always square with your table, and also adds an extra layer of security to prevent your guide rail from moving out of position before or even during a cut. 

To use the Guide Rail Dog Hooks, simply rest your guide rail on top of your workpiece and slide the rail slightly away from you so that the hooks engage with the dogs. The guide rail will register perfectly every time due to their slot that is tapered on one side and parallel with the guide rail on the other. This means that when the hooks connect with the dogs, you'll get a tight fit free of movement, and the guide rail will automatically register in the same place every time. 

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