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Mini Magnetic Square

The Seneca Woodworking Mini Magnetic Square is the second in a series of tools that raise the bar on what a precision woodworking square can be!  Designed using principles similar to...
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The Seneca Woodworking Mini Magnetic Square is the second in a series of tools that raise the bar on what a precision woodworking square can be!  Designed using principles similar to those used in aerospace engineering, this square is lightweight but strong, perfect for carrying in a pocket, apron or tool belt and capable of jobs small and large. This square comes with four embedded neodymium magnets that increase its versatility beyond that of other squares its size. These magnets can be used to keep the square handy...attached to your saw, toolbox, workbench, or even your refrigerator. They also can assist in tasks such as making sure your sawblade or table is set to 90 degrees. CNC machined in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized, this square is more durable than standard anodized squares and will last a lifetime! 

We're taking precision woodworking tools to a higher level!

We firmly believe that listening to our customers allows us to build better tools, and we've had an overwhelming amount of customers tell us that they aren't happy with the current precision squares on the market, so we took on the task of designing squares made to boldly go where no woodworking tool has gone before. Introducing, the Seneca Woodworking Space Square series!

We started by looking to the future... 
The basic elements of many traditional woodworking tools have remained unchanged for years. We started by questioning how we could improve basic concepts that have worked for centuries. We decided to approach designing this square by looking at the future. What better way to get inspiration than by looking at great achievements and amazing feats of engineering in aviation and space exploration. We decided we could make a high tech square, by using high tech computer CAD simulation...similar to the techniques used to design spacecraft... to eliminate weight and extra material while still creating a strong and precise tool. The result is a series of squares that are futuristic, both in engineering and design philosophy. They feels great in your hand and won't weigh you down in a pocket, toolbelt or work apron!

But we never lost sight of the past...
Henry Ford once said "you can have any color you want as long as it's black". Our Aluminum Space Squares come in black hard-coat type III anodizing.  We do this because we try not to value form over function. Hard-coat anodize doesn't come in bright colors, only black and a natural grey color. Some manufacturers by default anodize their products bright colors like red, blue, or green. That's great for aesthetics, but the end result is a product that's less durable than a hard-coat anodized product.    We believe in making hard-coat anodizing...and QUALITY, our "standard!"

The Right Stuff. 
We're a hard-working team, and we love making tools for hard-working people like you. Like all of our tools, our Space Squares are designed and manufactured right here in our own shop in Clarion, PA. We like to think our squares are like a piece of the American Dream you can hold in your hand, and use to build your own dream project! 

Always Ready to Launch
The Mini Mag Square may be the handiest tool in your shop, since it can be stowed on any ferrous surface like a Toolbox, saw, planer, drill press, steel work bench, refrigerator...you name it. This makes it easy to mount and display the square on your shop wall for easy access!

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