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Seneca Woodworking Bench Dogs: The "Pup Kit"

Want to stock your shop with all the essential Bench Dogs and save some cash? The Pup Kit is for you!   Have you noticed there are some tools you can...
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$265.70 $129.95

Want to stock your shop with all the essential Bench Dogs and save some cash? The Pup Kit is for you!  

Have you noticed there are some tools you can never have enough of in the shop? Like no matter how many clamps you have you're always one short for that latest glue up?  And I know that even though I own dozens of bit sets that each contains every driver bit ever created, it never fails that the set I grab will be missing the one bit I need. Over time we've found that bench dogs have a similar problem in our shop. 

If you use a Festool MFT table or other work surface with 20mm dog holes, you know how versatile it is. That versatility is enhanced by having the right tools, the right clamps and of course, the right Bench Dogs. This kit has all the dogs you'll ever need for any application. 

Want to square up your guide rail with your MFT? Our Rail Dogs have you covered.

Want to locate stock or secure a custom fixture to your MFT? Three different lengths of our standard dogs will make that possible.

Need an extra surface to put that project you're painting or finishing? Our Paint Dogs will speed up the finishing process. 

Want to secure your workpiece? Clamp Dogs will take care of that. 

Need a solution to hold dowels in place? Round Stock Dogs can do that. 

Need to keep your project from sliding around? Want to elevate a piece of stock off your MFT to protect its surface while making a cut? Our Rubber Grip Dogs will do that. 

In the history of our company we've never released this many new tools at once, and never offered this big of a discount on a preorder or other sale. We're doing this for two reasons: 

First, I don't want you to get halfway through your next project and think "I wish I had ordered those new dogs that Seneca makes" when you realize you need them...then place an order and wait for them to be delivered. We sell each of the dogs Individually (links below) but we really feel they're better as a set. When I buy drill bits, I don't usually buy one size i need; I buy a whole set. We want to make it easy to buy these as a set and be prepared for when the need arises. 

Second, I want to give you a way to save money and keep our production moving. We've got a lot of new tools coming out this year, and it's easier for us to make more of these all at once instead of making multiple batches through the year. By selling them as a set and selling them through a preorder, we manufacture more at once which lowers our costs and in turn we can offer you savings that we otherwise couldn't

All Seneca Woodworking Dogs are designed for 20mm dog holes, manufactured in our own shop, on our own CNC equipment right here in Clarion PA, USA. All our bench dogs are made from aluminum and anodized black. 

Our Dog kits are available three ways: 

- Just the dogs,

- The dogs + a Sys3 M Systainer insert

- The Dogs + Sys3 M Systainer Insert + Sys3 Systainer M112



2x of our 70mm Tall Tri-Groove™ Bench Dog

2x of our 40mm Medium Tri-Groove™ Bench Dog

4x of our Short (17mm) Tri-Groove™ Threaded Bench Dog

4x of our Paint Point Dog

4x of our Grip Dog Small - Nonskid Bench Dog

2x Clamping knobs

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