Domiplate Exchange Program

If you purchased an original Domiplate directly from Ron Wenner (prior to the launch of this Seneca Woodworking site) and would like the anodizing and laser engraving of the new Domiplate model, we have created an exchange program.   Here's how it works: 


1. Add this "product" to your cart and purchase it.  

2. Ship your original, bare-aluminum Domiplate to us at the address below. Note that the Domiplate you send us has to be in good condition. We cannot accept your Domiplate if it is bent, gouged, or painted (pencil and permanent marker markings are OK).

3. We will ship you an anodized and laser-engraved Domiplate the next day via priority mail. The shipping is included in the $20 price of this purchase. Note that this plate will likely have been a previously owned plate and will not have tapped holes for the captive screws.  We run all exchange plates through a quality check process. Think of it as buying "certified-pre-owned"  Domiplate :-) 

4. That's it!  We strongly suggest at this point you use your shiny new Domiplate to build something awesome!  If you want, you can even send us photos of what you're building with the Domiplate. We'll promise to "ooh" and "aah" and maybe even post pictures to our website.


A few things to note:

  • The Domiplate you send us has to be in good condition or we can't exchange it.
  • Since shipping is included in the $20 price, this offer is only good in the United States. Due to the cost of shipping across international borders twice, relative to the price of purchasing a new Domiplate, it isn't really cost effective for us to offer this outside the country. 
  • Again, you will be likely getting a used Domiplate that has passed stringent quality checks.  If we didn't run this as an 'exchange' program, it could take a month or more for the plate you send us to make it through the anodizing and engraving process.  For that and a few other reasons, we decided an 'exchange' is the best way to do this for a fast turnaround.
  • We send the plates we get through the exchange program out for anodizing and engraving in batches, so if this service is 'sold out' it should be back "in stock" in a few weeks. Just shoot us an email if you'd like to check.


The address to ship your plate to is:


Seneca Woodworking

200 Grand Ave. Bldg B

Clarion PA 16214