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Dock Plate XL
from $89.95
Dock Plate XL
The Seneca Woodworking Dock Plate XL is an accessory that makes the repeated mortising of small pieces such as trim pieces or face frames quick and effortless. It attaches to both the Festool Domino df 500 and Domino XL df...
from $127.94
Metric Offset Shims™ for Domiplate
This set of Metric Offset Shims allows the offset of the Domiplate and Domiplate XL to be changed from 1-4.5mm for even more versatility! The offset can be changed incrementally by stacking multiple shims. Mounting slots in the shims allow them...
from $24.95
Stowaway Dogs 2 Pack
 For 4-Packs and additional color options, click HERE. One of the best ways to locate stock for making square cuts on your Festool MFT table is a pair (or two) of bench dogs.  One thing we noticed is when time...
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