Narrow Stock Adapters for Parallel Guide System



The Narrow Stock Adapters work in conjunction with our Parallel Guide System and make it possible to accurately rip stock with very narrow dimensions (less than 10"). We've updated these adapters to now be adjustable from the top side of the Incra T-Track and direct read from the Incra scale with some simple math. 


This set requires the Seneca Woodworking Parallel Guide System (Rail Bracket Adapters and Rail Stops) to work properly.  We are offering this set for sale individually for customers who had previously purchased our Parallel Guide System and want to add the improved adjustment method to their parallel guide system. These will work with any of the Parallel Guide Systems we've sold (from November 2012  to present).

If you don't yet own the Seneca Woodworking Parallel Guides, the complete set is available here.


Included in this set:

-Two (2) Interlocking Narrow Stock Adapters (adjustable from top of Incra T-Track)

-Two (2) machined "slider mount" adapters for attaching the Narrow Stock Adapters to the T-Track

-All necessary screws/hardware