Maxsys Remote Control for Festool CT Series Dust Extractors

The RTS Engineering Maxsys is a remote control for your Festool CT 26/36/48 Dust Extractor.  It allows remote operation of the Festool Vacuum / Dust Extractor from across the shop. It's a perfect companion for use with your Festool or other brand cordless tools that won't activate the Dust Extractor automatically, such as the TSC55 track saw or PSC420 Carvex. 

Maxsys installs in the CT vac module bay, and activates the dust extractor's built in autostart function.  It is completely contained within the module bay so you don't have to remember to bring it along or plug it in as you would with external remote control units.  The Maxsys remote start function doesn't interfere with the dust extractor's autostart function, so the vac can be started by corded tools connected to the vac and by the Maxsys remote without reconfiguring the vac or flipping any additional switches. 


Additional features and specifications:

  • Works with Festool CT 26 / 36 / 48 Dust extractors worldwide regardless of voltage
  • Two button remote features aluminum construction and safety cover
  • Remote can be paired with multiple Maxsys units







Note: Not compatible with Festool CT-SYS, CT MINI, CT MIDI Dust Extractors, as well as the CT 22 and CT 33 models which were discontinued in 2011.

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