Calavera Tool Works - 5# Utility Bag System - Intro Set

The Calavera Tool Works 5# Utility Bag System is a new, innovative way to store and organize your gear, and then put it where you need it when it's time to get a job done!

The system starts with the 5# Calavera Utility Bags. These tough bags with their 2.25lb capacity are perfect for a 5lb box of nails,  screws, or any consumables you can imagine from in the shop to on the jobsite.  Here at the Seneca Woodworking shop, we love these bags for storing Domino tenons;  a six-pack of the bags fits inside a Systainer and this enables you to take only the size Domino tenon, screw, nail, or other consumable right to where you're working.  The bags have a multitude of attachment options, including a belt clip and loop, web loops, and carabiner attachments.  The drawstring closure will keep your gear inside, and the label window makes organization a breeze.  

Included in this system is the Gear Hitch and Multi-Purpose Bar set for the Festool MFT Table.   The two included Gear Hitches can serve as hanging storage for your 5# bags, and also act as a handle for your Festool MFT Table.   The Multi-Purpose Bar also serves as a dock for Festool guide rail clamps and easily removes from the MFT Table for relocation to another area of your shop.  

The Base Bracket serves as a dock for the Gear Hitch and Multi Purpose Bar assembly, allowing you to mount your clamps and 5# bags to your workbench or shop wall. The possibilities are endless!


Limited Time Introductory Offer:  For a limited time this set includes a second 19" Base Bracket for your workbench or wall! Good only for a limited time. 

Includes: 2x Base Brackets, 1x Multi-Purpose Bar, 2x Gear Hitch, 6x 5# Gear Bags (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Olive, Blue)

  • 2.25Qt capacity. Just the right size for a few hours hard work
  • Built to suffer great abuse
  • Mount to the wall or virtually any worktable with the Base Bracket
  • Go where the work takes you with the Multi-Purpose Bar and Gear Hitches 
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year Guarantee on Materials and Workmanship
  • 4.85lbs




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